Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 1029e

rmw 1029c


rmw 1029a

rmw 1029b

rmw 1029f

Posting from Jerry’s computer this evening…

A truly beautiful day in the mountains. It was quite warm. After my crazy morning it was just what I needed.

A bit more about my computer troubles. Apparently my 9 month old laptop had a faulty hard drive. I do back up some things on our external hard drive but we have some ‘Vista compatibility issues’, I also email things to myself regularly. The archive and search feature at gmail is perfect for keeping track of records like when I’ve shipped things. I’ve mostly lost pictures which makes me sad. Everything else can be reconstructed if necessary.

I’m off to spend some time with needle & thread!


8 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. I am SO sorry about your hard drive. My daughter lost tons of pictures, too, but she had put them on an external hard drive and removed them from her computer to free up space, and the external drive failed. We even took it to professionals to try to get the pics off, but to no avail. You might want to check out – free off-site backup for 2 GB of data.

  2. Again, so sorry to hear about your computer. I just went through this and it just breaks my heart.

    Lovely & wonderful photos as always. You live in the most beautiful area.

  3. Sooooo sorry about your computer troubles. I recently purchased an external hard drive and when I saw your post I backed up more than I usually do. Thanks for the warning. I also have a Dell, a desktop, that is getting older and thought I might switch to a Mac next time. My daughter had a Dell laptop that crashed on her (she’d been having issues with it) and she decided to go with a MacBook Pro and she loves it.

  4. I always enjoy your pictures of Colorado! The bottom one is gorgeous! It looks like fire coming over the mountain!

    Your Sampler Girl “Bee” finish looks great!

    So sorry to hear about your computer problems. Hope you get it all solved soon.

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