To every last person reading this post – stop what you are doing and BACK UP THE FILES on your computer THIS VERY MINUTE!!

Please, please take a few minutes to save yourself from sharing my present anxiety.

I’m going to fling myself on the floor and cry now – my new hard drive will be here in a few days.


7 thoughts on “STOP RIGHT NOW!

  1. ah Mary Kathryn – I told everyone the same thing not too long ago. Sorry you are going though this. I know entirely too well what you’re going through. Now, did you order an external hard drive too?

  2. My husband is out buying me a new harddrive this evening because mine crashed this weekend. My laptop was doing some funky things, so my DH started working on it and thankfully backed everything up. A few hours later, it crashed completely.
    Good luck getting yours fixed.

  3. I well know the frustration and anger you’re experiencing MK! Now I back up my computer every day – automatically with Mozy. You can back up to 2g for free! I haven’t had a crash to test out the system yet, but it gives me a measure of peace of mind. 🙂

  4. Again Mary Kathryn the photos are unbelievably beautiful! I’m sorry that you have lost photos that were on your computer especially those of family. That’s very sad. However, with your ever changing Colorado scenery you will always be able to capture that again.

    Your stitching is lovely as always.

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