tea thyme treats

tea thyme

tea thyme a

tea thyme b

My new hard drive arrived in less than 24 hours and I’m able to post from the comfort of my own laptop – that makes me happy! I still have to spend some time getting MS Office installed and things like that but I’m thrilled that I was able to get the new hard drive so fast.

This is my finish of PrimitiveBetty’s Tea Thyme in the Garden. I did have the border half stitched but decided against it. It lets me make the pillow just a bit smaller. I’ll use the green fabric on the back.

I’ve got the knitting bug, I stopped at the knit shop, actually the new knit shop (same business, great new location) and saw this really pretty washable wool blend yarn and thought it would make a great cap for Ethan. The cap I ended up with – I’m just making this up as I go – may have fit him 4 years ago so I’ll be giving that to a baby I know and making a larger cap. It’s great yarn so I’m happy to start another project with it.

Wishing you a day of treats!!


19 thoughts on “tea thyme treats

  1. Oh, what a Lovely finish, Mary Kathryn! Beautiful stitching and finishing as always, Hun! You are sooo talented! 🙂 I Love the colours!

    And what a beautiful knitted cap… shame it doesn’t fit Ethan, but I know it will make some wee babe happy and toasty warm!

    You have so many lovely stitchy projects going on… and all of them equally gorgeous! I love them all!

    I love your kitty photos… they are adorable! 🙂

  2. The Tea Thyme finish is absolutely stunning! I love the fabric you’ve chosen. I’m so jealous. Did you hand sew those pieces or machine stitch? Again, the piece is just spectacular, really!

  3. I love your pillow top finish and what would have been Ethan’s cap. I can’t choose on the candy though, can I have a Whoppers and a Reese’s, please? 🙂

  4. Tea Thyme came out beautifully! Your photos of the cats below are precious…they have a beautiful coat…very shiny. Nice cap…you’re lucky you can knit too, I tried and have two left hands apparently!

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