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I’m pulling together some finishing ideas for this little Stacy Nash Primitive design that I made into a Sense & Sensibility keepsake. This is the 1821 Sewing Pocket of you are looking for the original title. The date I’ve stitched is the year S&S was published. The ‘E’ is for Elinor.

Ethan decided he wanted to be in his room today, right now he is watching Fraggle Rock on the mini DVD player – looks comfy (what’s with that crooked lampshade?)

I made myself stay off the laptop yesterday – I have been spending so much time trying to make my laptop feel like it’s the same that I just needed to not touch it for a day. I think that it would be good to make it a habit of having one day a week that I’m offline :0)

Anyone out there on facebook?

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15 thoughts on “ferrars, fraggles, facebook

  1. MK, I love your SNash design. My girls adored Fraggle Rock.

    I feel for you on the computer front. Our puter crashed about 2 months ago and still it’s not back up and running. Our puter Tech just can’t seem to find the problem , which is never a good sign. I want my very own Laptop so much!! Maybe one day!!

  2. Mary Kathryn, this new stitching is simply beautiful – there’s something about it that just pulls at my heart. Quite lovely.

    Thomas loves Fraggle Rock – it’s really cute.

    Facebook? That would require a face…nope, I don’t go there. : )

    Thanks again-I still feel so special that I don’t know how to express my gratitude.

  3. Great piece!
    I was on facebook, but I spent so much time there and on the cross stitching sites, I couldn’t get anything done! So, I shut down Facebook:( I really tried to make friends through the stitching groups, but no one was chatty?! Maybe it’s improved? That was about a month ago. ) I may reopen later.

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