one of those days!

otd a

otd b


I’m not sure I can rightly exclaim that at such an early hour but the first picture says it all. It is 2:30 in the morning and I just realized the packages I’ve been working on getting ready to ship ‘first thing’ for the past 3 hours, can’t ship tomorrow because the post office is closed for Veterans Day!

Shortly before I realized this I opened the ‘handy dispenser’ opening on this box of envelopes only to get a rude surprise!

Yesterday was lovely! ~Thank you so very much for your good wishes on our Anniversary!!

I did some stitching on Prairie Garden by The Drawn Thread and spent a wonderful evening with Jerry trying out a new restaurant that looks much more romantic by candle light, and browsing through books at Borders.


14 thoughts on “one of those days!

  1. Don’t worry I was going to the PO too “first thing in the morning.” Haha jokes on us! Do you think someone in the packing company did that on purpose? Maybe s/he was bored and wanted to play a prank on someone?? It’s something I would probably do if I felt in a mischievous mood 😛

  2. Is that crazy??…lol…Handy dispenser indeed!! I remembered about the holiday yesterday @ 4:00 p.m.!
    Glad you had a lovely anniversary.
    Great progress on Prairie Garden too:)

  3. What kind of packaging engineer designed the opening on that?!? Your Prairie garden is coming along so nicely! I’ve done Alpine, Cloister, and Wildflower – and now I’m drooling at how pretty your WIP is (c:

  4. haha. That’s a great dispenser, eh? I had a horrible day yesterday. I went to the bank, pulled into the drive thru, reached for the tube only to realize there wasn’t one, THEN noticed that the lights were out inside the bank! Doh!

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