Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 1119 006

rmw 1119 007

rmw 1119 008

rmw 1119 009

rmw 1119 010

rmw 1119 012

This is the River Walk in ‘town’. We have moved to a bigger town but for quite a while this was our nearest town. We still say we are going to ‘town’ when we visit here (which we do at least once a week).

Jerry and I walked along here to a restaurant we like and had a late lunch while the two youngest boys were at an afternoon activity. It was wonderfully quiet.

It was 60-ish today but it is supposed to be very cold tomorrow and snow – yesterday it was 80! As you can see we have hardly any snow anywhere right now.

My internet service has been wavering between hideously slow and not working at all this entire week (we’ve been having lots of trouble since the day our trusty DSL provider was bought by another company). We are supposed to start service with a new company on Friday, so hopefully by the weekend I can be productive again, I can’t wait to call my current so-called provider and tell them adiós.


9 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Again, gorgeous snaps! Your town has such texture! I see it as a beautiful, autumnal quilt~ just perfect! Stay warm and enjoy your new internet provider — sometimes change is good!

  2. Mary Kathryn, hi there,
    I just wanted to say that I may not always have time to comment on your blog but I do try to pop in regularly. Your photographs never fail to stir a deep emotional feeling in me. You really are a gifted photographer – another talent to add to your many :>)
    Warm hugs Angela

  3. thank you so much for putting up your beautiful photos. I enjoy them so much. My sister lives in CO and I always feel at home there – mountains speak to me. Of course, I love your stitching too.

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