love & thankfulness

admire & love 022

The perfect sentiment to stitch on Jerry’s birthday. This is from Tanya’s new publication The Sampler Girl Companion #1, it’s not finised yet but I turned the hunt for some buttons into a complete cleaning of my workroom yesterday and ran out of time for stitching.

Spring Cleaning


As a big thank you to all my customers this Thanksgiving shipping on all US orders placed this week is only .99 and 1.99 for all international orders (now through November 30th) – Thank you so very much for your support and friendship in 2008!

~ ~ ~

Ethan and I took a little ramble this morning. You can see the only bit of snow we have peeking through the clouds. We saw a tiny bit of wildlife too.


admire & love 010

admire & love 001

admire & love 007

6 thoughts on “love & thankfulness

  1. Mary Kathryn, I too love this piece by Tanya. She does such wonerfuly simple and fun designs. I enjoy every minute of it! I bought her booklet #1 ~ had to. I’m just that faithful I guess. I love your start and cannot wait to see your finish. Make sure to post to our SNG at Yahoo!! Everyone will love to see it.

    BTW…check out my blog please – you’ve earned an award!

  2. Wow, love the Sampler Girl piece. I’ve been waiting till I had money in my stitching budget to get the Companion but I don’t think I can wait anymore. Instant download PDF, here I come!

    Great photos as always, really make me miss Colorado.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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