avoiding the shops

shops d


shops b

shops a

I had intended not to leave the house today! Then I realized I needed to go to the bank and post office. Since Jerry had to check on a house and would drive right past a favorite spot of mine to shop, bank and mail things – all in a town that is one tiny block along the main street, I had him drop me off for a little time alone out.

After banking and mailing things, I went to the quilt shop, the antique shop, the coffee shop and a little shop full of vintage and new treasures called The Berry Patch (a bit of which is pictured above).

There were no crowds and everyone was very friendly and happy to be there.

At the quilt shop I bought some cozy flannels and at The Berry Patch I picked up some ribbon remnants. My favorite thing about The Berry Patch is the miles of trims and ribbons both vintage and new.

A lovely afternoon!


PS – don’t forget the sale at the webshop, no crowds I promise!

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