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dec 04

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Just a quick post covering several things (what a busy day I’ve had).

Some firsts ~

I woke up to our first snow of the season yesterday, I’m happy to share the view with you.

Today is also the first Sunday of Advent. Since I haven’t decorated yet, our wreath and candles were our first decorations this year. Tyler has finished cleaning the high ledge (where I put some small trees) and Jerry has put up the tree. I hope to finish decorating tomorrow.

I put more stitches into Prudence Miller from Stacy Nash Primitives (I’ll add this project the the Blog Project Page shortly), I’ve also made some progress on finishing The Angels Sang from Little House Needleworks as a wall hanging.

Now for the ‘last’. Today is was going to be the last day of my ‘Post Thanksgiving Sale’ but I’ll extend it until Tuesday night. Shipping on any size order is .99 (in the US) and 1.99 for international orders.

I’m going to fiddle with the lights on the tree some more!


PS – the tree so far ~

dec 08

12 thoughts on “first and last

  1. Beautiful photos. But you didn’t include one of your Advent wreath. I used to put one up every year. But since I can no longer light candles because of my Mom’s oxygen I haven’t done one in the last three years. I do miss it but electric candles just don’t do it for me.
    I love the fabric you are using on the Angels Sang. Gorgeous.

  2. Oh Mary Kathryn! We got our first snow last night and this morning the world was white and sparkly. Your tree looks amazing. I’m going to stitch many ornaments so that I can have a tree filled with them next year.

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