soft things

soft things

soft things 006

soft things 015

soft things 016

Please excuse the knitting needle this is hanging on, I need to buy a dowel.

I finished my wall hanging finish of The Angels Sang from Little House Needleworks, I may keep this up all year in my workroom. I think this goes very well with Holly & Ivy Sampler from Country Cottage Needleworks (I finished this last Christmas).

I’ve been doing lot of sewing and really needed a second pincushion, I fiddled with some fabric scraps and came up with this. It sort of coordinates with my old pincushion (I wish the boys would stop pushing the pins all the way in).

A few more of my Christmas decorations for you (on one of the high ledges) ~

little trees 011


PS – the webshop sale ends tonight (Tuesday, December 2nd).

30 thoughts on “soft things

  1. You inspire me more than anyone else I read. I always appreciate that you take the time to show us all the elements of your day. It’s so restful (and so I wonder if you feel restful as you are living that day?)

    And the knitting needle looked so good as a hanger for your new piece that I thought you intended it!

  2. Oh I love the wall hanging. I one that has been in the works for about 1 year. I am not the best sewer, so it is taking me sometime 🙂

    The pincushion is very nice.

  3. I agree with Vanessa – the knitting needle is a GREAT idea! Looks like it was meant to be…
    I love the pincushions and cross stitch, too!

  4. MaryKathyrn, just love your photo’s, I just do not visit you enough, need to make blogging part of my New Year’s Resolution.

    Would love to be part of the drawing. Thank you.

    With Holiday stitches,

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