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I kitted up a new project, most likely I will not get started on this until 2009 (like I don’t have enough unfinished projects from 2008), but I couldn’t resist. I’m sort of thinking of making her dress light blue to go with my living room, but I love how this looks as it is.

I did a little more decorating, Michael’s has all their Christmas things marked way down already. Now I have a little spot for my pink Christmas decor. I have a tiny angel for the top of the tree but it was too cold to go out to the garage for it.

Yzma is a little under the weather. She has been sick, only on the basement floor thankfully, but I’m watching her closely. She is also very hormonal at the moment, not sure if the two are related. Here she is napping with Ophelia in the hallowed box lid on my desk (with an old sweater of mine in it for winter comfort). Click here to see a battle for domination of the box that occurred a few weeks ago.


12 thoughts on “more

  1. Sorry to hear that Yzma is not well. They both look so beautiful and peaceful that you cannot believe that cat fight really took place. 🙂 Love the Bo ~ Peep! And you tree in the last entry is just so beautiful. Did you not say last year that it was a very old tree that belonged to your or DHs grandmother? I love your ornaments!

    Hugs ~

  2. I love the design you have kitted up! I haven’t seen that one before. You did a great job with finishing the LHN Angel too. Well it looks like the kitties are quite cozy together so obviously there were no hard feelings!

  3. I really like the Bo-Peep chart — so cute and would be great for granddaughter’s room. And those kitties! So angelic — who knew they had moments of sibling rivalry! What would the world be without kitties — boring!

  4. I just got over a cold too; Zicam did help!! I love the charts you’re giving away…actually, you have similar tastes to mine and I always enjoy your blog!

    Get better soon!!


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