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holiday a
(One of my stashy gifts – Threadworx.)

seafood eve

A few photos from Christmas Eve, we always attend the candlelight communion service Christmas eve which begins at 11pm. We’ve made it a tradition to have a late dinner before we go. This year the theme was seafood. Broiled lobster tails, crab dip, spicy and coconut fried shrimp and mushrooms with clam stuffing. Everything was very good, Jerry & Amber did the cooking. The Christmas service was very nice and very crowded, I would guess about 1,500 people attended.


Now for some Q&A:

I hope I can remember to answer most of what I’ve been asked recently here.

The Prairie Schooler ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ is from book #63 called Christmas Samplers, out of print and hard to find. It was loaned to me be a very nice lady, so I don’t own this one either.

I attached the tassel to my Christmas Sampler with a button I covered using the same fabric that is on the back of the pillow.

The ornament I started with a mouse in the teacup is by Casey Buonaugurio and is in the December 2008 JCS magazine.

The building with the Christmas lights is the Stanley Hotel.

My cats do like to lay on quilts they can reach, quite a few of my quilts are hanging on the walls.

JBW French Country Lark is stitched using Carrie’s Thread in the color Multi Grain.


At the Webshop:

Inventory clearance sale is underway at the webshop. I have a few more charts to add, Belle Soie is on sale and I’m making a list of sale fabrics to post later today. Happy stashing!


6 thoughts on “holiday, q & a, sale

  1. the food looks way yummy! How do you make the spicy shrimp i see in the frying pan? I would like to make that sometime for DH and I and maybe 1 of the kids will eat it. LOL the other 2 don’t like seafood!. LOL


  2. We have a wind advisory for tomorrow, too.
    I thought it was bad (20-30 mph!!) until I
    read yours!! I live in northwest Georgia
    and today was beautiful. It’s unseasonably
    warm here, so something will happen soon!
    Love your stitching!
    Happy New Year, Denise

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