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A new project. Wonderful Life Pillow from The Sampler Girl. I’m thinking of spending January stitching wintry things, I’m already off to a good start!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned how much I don’t like to go shopping (like at the mall shopping). Well there are 2 things I will go to the mall for (I hadn’t been there in almost 7 months before today). I love the sale at Bath and Body Works, little bottles of great smells, perfect to put in my new purse (a Christmas gift). The other sale that I can’t resist is the odds and ends of china that Dillard’s marks down at the end of the year. I purchased some Fiesta salad plates in ivory and peacock (I think these are the color names) which I did not have in my collection and a sweet little Christmas plate.

Clearance sale continues at the webshop and don’t forget to leave a comment at last week’s Rocky Mountain Wednesday post to be entered in this week’s drawing.


PS – I’ve added the spicy shrimp recipe to my recipe page here at the blog (see the tabs at the top).

PPS – Our weather advisory through tomorrow 11am :   High Winds

“People in the warning area should be prepared for wind gusts as
high as 90 mph overnight. Secure loose objects and be prepared for
possible power outages.”

10 thoughts on “from the mall

  1. Thanks for the spicy shrimp recipe!! hopefully going to try it this week sometime.

    also, looked at your wish list and i will look at my LNS next time i go there for the washington’s house by threads through time. Last time i looked i thought i saw it in there. I will let you know.

  2. OH, how I love that “It’s a Wonderful Life” design! So appropriate for this time of year. I’m the same way about the malls, by the way, and only go for an occasional splurge at Sephora!!:)

  3. I don’t like the mall much either (esp ours!) but I hit that sale at B&BW too 😉 Love that little plate from Dillards, so cute!

    The wind kept me up a lot last night, I’ve heard it’s supposed to die down this afternoon (fingers crossed!!!)

  4. Great job on Tanya’s piece! The fabric is almost identical to the one in Tanya’s model. You have a good eye! Did you get a bell to hide inside? :o)

    I haven’t been to a mall for in years. I stay away from those places. They are rough!!! I like online purchasing myself.

    I’ll have to check out Dillard’s. That plate is adorable! Stay warm and in doors.

  5. Thanks for the recipe! Now I can stop drooling and start enjoying! 😀

    I love that design of Tanya’s. It’s probably my favorite “sappy” Christmas film. I just love Jimmy … 😀

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