Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 1709d

rmw 1709b

rmw 1709c

rmw 1709a

We have had lots and lots of wind, I mean big wind. Tonight we have a fire (I saw one report that says 6,000 acres are burning). It is not as close as it appears but you can see it and smell it from our house. The wind is not a good thing at the moment. We are too far away to be in any danger from this. Sorry my photo is so blurry but the wind was shaking me and the camera. It has been warmish here, tomorrow they say it might be 60 degrees, it will be good to open up some windows, hopefully there won’t be too much smoke in the air.

I’m a good way through the heap of work I have here, the end is in sight! There are about 25 things I’d like to be stitching, it won’t be too long now.

Hope you are having a great 2009 so far!


6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. These photos are amazing ~ even the wildfire photo is amazing. Be careful! Can’t wait to see some of that major stitching you have planned, Mary Kathryn! :o)

  2. We’ve had wind here too, but no fires – floods! Rain on top of the huge amount of snow we’ve gotten has caused flooding on both sides of the state, but the worst of it is on the westside, far from me.

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