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going back a

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I really thought I would prefer to stitch my Beatrix Potter Sampler in silk and a slightly different color. After two trails, one with a slightly lighter color and one with a slightly darker color than my old WIP, I’m just not sure. After much thought and holding all three up to many sources of light – I’m going to go with my original choice (I think) of DMC 3772 on 32 Ivory linen from Wichelt, but I do like the way the lighter color looks in this picture……help!

Since I’m tired of worrying over this project, I made a tiny start on the the LHN/CC Quilting thread pack which I plan to display in this great frame from Crescent Colours!


PS – I read that you can still get the BP chart as a PDF from Needleprint. The original printed version has been retired for a while now.

PPS – It is supposed to be 72 degrees here today – it’s still January right?

19 thoughts on “going back

  1. Oh boy do I like Quakers more and more! I like the one on the far right the best. I suppose because it is pinkish in color. But if I hadn’t seen that one I would have liked your original one the best. Confusing I know but then again this is a first for me because I don’t usually make up my mind (when I can find it) this easily. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  2. Sometimes your first choice is the best, but now you’ve convinced yourself too…I’m also stitching the Beatrix Potter sampler and in the SAL. I love the Vikki Clayton hand dyed! So easy to work with…my first time using these threads and they don’t tangle or knot at all!! Doing BP in Everlasting, but may add some Quince and Fish Pepper to break things up a bit…

  3. Oh, I like the original, but that lighter silk sure is nice, too! I love the sheen of silk…it’s just sooooo wonderful! Good luck making your choice…it’s going to be a difficult one!

  4. I am so glad that others are changing their original choices for BP. I love the variegated thread that I chose, but after stitching some realized it wasn’t working. I have started all over with DMC 919. I’m trying to get an entire motif done before posting progress on the BP SAL blog. All of your colors look beautiful, but go with what pleases you the most.

  5. Your first choice was the best, I think.
    It´s so nice.
    But I understand your problem. Often I do not know what to do and sometimes I stop the project and wait for other times when I know what I want.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von

  6. I would carry on with your first choice of colour, since you have done so much, but keep the lighter colour in mind for future projects. What colour was that, just out of interest?

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