Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 218a

rmw 218b

rmw 218c

rmw 218d

rmw 218e

Cool and misty in the mountains today with patches of snow. It was a much needed peaceful afternoon. The hotel in the second picture is The Stanley. The elk are looking quite shaggy. Yes, I did take a picture while driving on snowy mountain roads – I’m pretty sure Jerry won’t read this…maybe.

I see that Milly & Su have both tagged me, I’ll be including that in my next post – thank you ladies!


10 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Beautiful pictures! Be careful with that taking pictures while driving stuff! We sure wouldn’t want to see pictures of your car after it’s gone over the edge of one of those mountain roads!!!

    Which Carol tagged you? The link is to Su’s blog.

  2. Hi Mary Kathryn! Your Rocky Mountain pictures are wonderful… Not sure if you remember me – I messaged you late last year on Facebook to introduce myself (I am originally from New Zealand but now live in Iowa…) I read your blog a lot, am just always too shy to leave a comment! BTW I am not on Facebook anymore (it was my NY resolution to give it up so you won’t find me on there if you go back to refresh your memory, sorry) but I am thinking about starting a cross stitch blog of my own because I am so inspired by your’s and the other blogs that I browse through :o) Jennifer

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