thread happy!


Bayside Bungalows design/threads/buttons set from Country Cottage Needleworks


Newest Little House Thread Packs, the last Sea to Shining Sea and the first LW Virtues


13 scrumptious new colors of Belle Soie Silk – yum (there are new cottons too)


Thread and linen for the newest Loose Feather


The mailman has been doing a very fine job this week – today it was a thread party!! I’ve updated the webshop some more, I really need to do a major overhaul of the whole thing it is getting so untidy. Yes the new website is still on the horizon (2 computer crashes caused quite a delay).

Here are some friends of mine admiring the threads too!


PS, I WILL pass on the blog award next post – thank you again Milly & Su

7 thoughts on “thread happy!

  1. There has to be something said about cats and quilts. My aunt has 8 cats and every single one of them lay upon quilts that are strewn through the house. Some quilts lay underneath lights and you can always find a cat there.

    “Scrumptious” is the perfect word for those fibers. Everything looks so pretty, Mary Kathryn.

  2. Oh Mary Kathryn. That new BBD is beautiful! I love to look at how threads play off the fabric to combine and create an amazing piece of handcrafted art with a number of artists.

  3. Bonjour,
    j’aime me promener chez vous,
    j’aime le country,
    j’aime les chats et… ce que vous faites.
    Votre blog est une jolie balade.
    A bientôt.

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