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I was combining some bins of ‘things’ and came across these little LK Flip-it Blocks I stitched way back when. They were slightly crushed but fluffed up pretty well. It would be fun to finish up the set I think.

Some things that actually came from The Cupboard last weekend. Amber has been a great helper to me and so I took her shopping for the mixer she has wanted for ages – happily it will live at my house for now. I couldn’t resist this great basket for bread and since I was there, filling it with a few goodies.


Milly and Su have tagged me with this lovely award – thank you!! Following the guidelines I must, say what my 5 favorite things are –

1. Jerry
2. my kids
3. cross stitch
4. reading
5. the mountains

(some days #2 & #3 are interchangeable)

and now for the hard part, passing this award on to only 5 other blogs. Here are some bloggers I’ve enjoyed recently,


there are so many more but by the time you follow these 5 links, and then read and admire posts, and then follow their links, you’ll never get through my list.


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