persuasion a

persuasion b

I finally have enough of this stitched that you can tell what my plan is, otherwise I don’t think it would have made any sense. As you can see now, the sign shows the name of the inn where Captain Wentworth wrote his amazing letter to Anne *sigh* (Persuasion, Jane Austen). I’m leaning toward a pillow finish for this project. The design is by Little House Needleworks – Captain’s Inn, I’ve just changed the name of the inn and the verse and added a heart near the ship. I’m using Crescent Colours Weeping Willow for the leafy border rather than DMC.

As I was getting in the car to go to church this morning, I took this photo of the balloon, you can see we had a bit of a grey day today in both these photos. I couldn’t get good light on my stitching, maybe when I finish it we’ll have sunny day. My other recent stitching is for exchanges so it’s under wraps.


20 thoughts on “keepsake

  1. Oh my! I love what you’re doing with that design! How spectacular is that! I love Persuasion — that note. Sigh….

    Love the balloon picture too!

  2. I know not the same, but both of these photos are stunning. I love have you personalized your piece, and I cannot wait to see it complete. I love your work, btw, Mary Kathryn. I always look forward to seeing what you’re stitching. 😀

    And seeing that balloon over the mountain tops is breathtaking. I soooooooo want to come to your neighborhood someday!

  3. It’s just beautiful Mary Kathryn and so so romantic. I love that Jane Austen’s wonderful words are being brought to life like this. No one can express a loving sentiment as well as Jane :>)
    Hugs Angela

  4. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, especially the one with the balloon. How wonderful to live in that part of the country. Your stitching is great too!

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