an unproductive day

thursday c

thursday a

thursday b

I did hear that the squares I sent for the round 11 F&S exchange were received, they took an extraordinary amount of time to get there I must say. I’m relieved they aren’t lost. This sweet design can be found here. I used Cream Belfast Linen for these.

I spent most of the day searching for some documents Kellen needs for traveling tomorrow. Needless to say they were not where they should be. I did come across this photo during my search. This is me and my sister (she is in yellow). Today is her birthday so – Happy Birthday sister dear!! Your birthday gift is sitting here on my kitchen counter, I hope you’ll like it whenever it finally gets there. (My sister and I live over 1,300 miles apart.)

So all in all I haven’t accomplished much today – I think Ophelia has the right idea, some good old Star Trek episodes and some time with my stitching!


8 thoughts on “an unproductive day

  1. Hello! Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! I loved the picture! I spent my birthday with Justin in the hospital. He had Strep two weeks ago at college that turned into a systemic infection. Lots of stress and drama, but he is fine!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister!! Lovely picture of the two of you!! Ophelia is just too much! Don’t you just love the personalities of the cats?!! Very pretty stitched block. Thanks for the great Rocky Mountain Wednesday pics!

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