woe & comfort

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woe c (The Sampler Girl model photo)

It’s a sad thing….both of my favorite local quilt shops are closing, actually one of them has already closed as I found out when I stopped by today. No more this, or this. There is still a favorite which I’m near once a week (not quite local), and other shops are still open, but these two had the best fabrics and nicest staff, they will be missed very much.

Some comforts – love these new fabrics from Three Sisters – Aviary! Soft and romantic. Scones are always a comfort! Also a bit of new stash. I will use as much wool as I can on this darling little Dear Mother sampler from The Sampler Girl – so sweet.

Coming next week, NEW DESIGNS from Little House & County Cottage – even more comfort! Let me know if you’d like me to reserve yours.


woe d

9 thoughts on “woe & comfort

  1. How a so nice shop can close ?! I understand how you could be disappointed. Humm ! This Little by Little looks so nice.
    have a nice week-end (not too much chocolate !!!)

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about those shops closing. This economy is changing the face of the world as we know it and I fear we will never be the same. You always find the most amazing fabrics, so I can imagine how disappointed you must be.
    You have some grand charts to start working on and I’m anxious to see your Mother Dear with the wool threads. I have not used these, but now I’m interested.
    I must have the new Country Cottage designs. Please Please Pretty Please. All three are perfectly wonderful.

  3. Woe indeed! How very sad. Glad you have some nice comforts around. I love that Little by Little Design – so pretty! Love the new LHN; *sigh* – too much to stitch, too little time!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the quilt stores. We lost a lot around here too – quilt and cross stitch. Sometimes you just want to be there to touch and feel. But I see you’ve armed yourself with some great treats – both foodwise and stash wise. I love your stash choices.

  5. So sad. I announced that we were in a recession three years ago (despite the political assurances that “the economy is strong”) when my local quilt shop, needlework shop, scrapbooking store and nursery specializing in orchids, ferns and indoor plants all closed within a few weeks of each other. When people don’t have discretionary money, these are the kinds of businesses that are the first to fail.

    As always, Mary Kathryn, your site is a comfort to me. With our dream of moving to the Rockies on hold (maybe permanent hold) I treasure your photos more than ever.


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