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I was horrified to look at the clock a few minutes ago and see that it was 5:30. I wanted to post this all day but between classes, lessons, running errands for two businesses (mine and Jerry’s) the day is nearly over and my to do list is barely begun.

The silks for this pack are so pretty. Well they are always pretty but I love the lavender, these are on their way to autoship customers and at the webshop. I’d like to find a moment to stitch but….

I visited Borders twice this weekend with two great coupons. I’m really anxious for this book to come out, but in the meantime…..

Ethan almost had a meltdown trying to choose a book, in the end he picked two off the $4.99 table – it was a close call though.

I need a nap!



PS – All orders received on March 17th will receive a freee skein of green silk from Carrie’s Threads!!

4 thoughts on “reading, watching, stitching

  1. The book on Nicholas and Alexandra looks good. I just watched “The Lost Prince” which sort of touched on them — very interesting.

  2. hi Mary Kathryn,

    I’m sorry to hear about your quilt shops closing. I’ve always loved the pictures you’ve shared of the shops and the treasures you’ve found there.

    I hope you’re having a good week.

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