Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw  325c

rmw 325s

rmw 325 e

rmw 325b

A chilly day, in fact we were snowed on this afternoon. You can see it was coming down pretty good for a bit, it was hard to get my camera to focus on the elk, it kept trying to focus on flakes. I did make a stop here and warmed up with a complimetary cup of chai while I shopped – it was bliss.

I hope to have some sort of stitching to share soon. Not enough hours in the day lately and I’m not feeling all that great at the moment. I have done some knitting, I’ve decided I really like circular needles (for stitching back and forth on). It seems like one of my needles is always wandering off (for a science experiment or to use as a light saber…) this doesn’t happen with the circular needles and it is so easy to throw a project in my bag on the way out the door (I always seem to be running out the door).

The new dryer is wonderful and we’ve finished 5 loads of laundry so far, thank goodness!


6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Lovely photos!! We just purchased a New washer after having had the other one for at least 9 years. Funny thing is that I now can’t wait to wash a load because it’s like having a new toy!!! LOL I guess you know your a cleaning nut when you LOVE an appliance as much as I do the new washer.

  2. Your wildlife pictures always make me feel so good – I miss seeing things like this IRL here, so it’s really great knowing that you’re seeing (and sharing) them!

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