snow :0)

snow a

and two hours later

snow day e

snow f
I think it’s slowing down now, we are under a blizzard warning until tomorrow!

snow c

snow d

snow b

I’ve been hoping for some moisture here, but I was still surprised to wake up to this today! Isn’t it pretty? It is still coming down like mad too.

Some new things at the shop — I really want to stitch Be True in hand-dyed, not sure this is my final choice of threads but it’s getting there. I love the frame for this one too.

I also kitted up something pink (not the title of the design although CCN’s Something Pink would be wonderful on gingham linen), it should be a quick stitch, maybe I can have it done next week and hanging in this wonderful frame (Michelle from Family Tree/Crescent Colours).


Gwen honored me with this very nice award. I’m to pass it on and so today I elect the following blogs (there are so many more but this is already a long post).





A Friend to Knit With

Time for a cup a coffee and a listen to this while I watch the snow fall.


28 thoughts on “snow :0)

  1. Wow – that snow looks so pretty. Definitely stay inside and stitch! Whatever you’re going to do with those threads, fabric and frame is going to be gorgeous!!!

  2. That is a lot of snow, and it is heading for us now:) I really don’t care what we get, we really need some moisture here!!! Snow is just fine, even though I don’t like it:) Doesn’t make taking care of the animals any fun when it is that cold, but like I said, we REALLY need it.

  3. I love things on the gingham fabric. So springy. I also love your photos.

    Please add me to the draw.

    Mary in Tennessee

  4. Love all your photos & I am awfully glad we seem to be done with snow here. Please include me in your drawing. thanks & keep thinking spring thoughts.

  5. I absolutely the pink gingham. What a lovely finish? I never would have thought of doing that piece on gingham.

    Please enter me in your drawing.

  6. I love your Rose House, you did a fabulous job, and SO quickly, like you waved your magic wand, lol! The gingham fabric and frame absolutely make it, too! I’d love to be added to your drawing! Thanks!

  7. As the youngest of 8, hand me downs were a way of life;)
    Love the stitchery and it would make a great gift for my DIL on her bday that is coming up, please enter me.


  8. Wow Mary Kathryn,
    This little design is set off perfectly by the fabric. What a great partnership :>)

    I can’t believe you are still having such amazing weather. It looks like a wonderland :>)
    Hugs Angela

  9. I’d love to be included in your draw! The snow is beautiful – but isn’t it supposed to be spring?! Although I’m in Wisconsin and we don’t give up on getting snow until about mid-May πŸ™‚

  10. I would love to be included in your drawing–ROSE is one of the patterns on my wish list!

    But please, no snow. I’m just not a snow bunny!

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