snowbound finish & giveaway

bound c

bound a


bound d

I spent my snowbound time stitching to good effect. I was able to get this project finished while watching movies on the laptop, drinking tea, enjoying the birds on the feeder and the beautiful snow (which is melting fast).

Now for the giveaway. If you don’t mind hand-me-downs, I’m giving away a cut of the gingham linen along with the used thread pack from my project (it includes the colors I substituted to match the linen better). Please leave a comment about adding your name to the hat for this drawing, the winner will be drawn and announced on the next Rocky Mountain Wednesday post.


115 thoughts on “snowbound finish & giveaway

  1. Beautiful finish! Love that pattern and I’d love to try gingham linen. Please enter my name.

    Thank you for the chance! I hope you stay warm this weekend!


  2. Hello~
    I write a comment for the first time..
    Your site is very wonderful and the gingham linen becomes that pattern..

  3. The fabric and color changes are wonderful. Please add me to the drawing. Stay safe and warm. That bad weather is heading my way. (St. Louis)

  4. Please add me too. That finish is just too sweet:) We are becoming snow bound right now as well, though ours isn’t nearly as pretty and even as yours. We have snow drifts everywhere:)

  5. I really love how well the frame matches the design – truly puts one in the mood for Spring 🙂 please enter me in the contest – thanks!


  6. Mary Kathryn, Please enter my name in your drawing. I’d love to try the gingham fabric, and the design is so pretty.

    It was fun to see the pics of your snowfall. I think some of it is heading our way for tomorrow…. At least it isn’t going to hang around long this time of year!


  7. I just love the picture of the snow table cloth and snow chair covers, your pink project is lovely and I would never have guessed that a white freame could enhance a light colored project could look so beautiful.
    Please enter me in the contest thank-you for
    the great pictures.

  8. I would love a chance of winning your “leavings”!! This is a perfect project for a little baby girl to be! ( My grandaughter due in August)!
    Thanks you. Your finished work is beautiful.

  9. I love how your Rose turned out and would be thrilled to stitch one just like it! Please enter my name into your drawing. I am crossing my fingers =)

  10. Clicking my heels together three times” I wish I would win, I wish I would win I wish I would win!!!!” Please enter my name into the drawing and thank you for the chance.

    This fabric is just too perfect for this design!


  11. This is adorable!!! Please add my name to your hat. Thank you so very much. I am alos waiting anxiously for spring- I still have 2 to 3 feet of snow in my backyard.

  12. Love this on the gingham! And it’s such a contrast to your snowy pictures. I’d love to be entered in the drawing…what a generous sweetie you are!

  13. Wow, that’s a lot of snow! I hope it melts quickly.
    Your finish is simply beautiful! I love the look of the gingham linen. Perfect!

    I would love to be included in your drawing.

  14. Beautiful finish Mary Kathryn! Such spring like colors and hope that it will be right around the corner 😉

    Please enter me into your draw. Second hand or not, it would be a joy to stitch 🙂

  15. I love the gingham fabric with this chart. Please include me in your drawing. Thanks! Sherre, a very good friend of mine, recommended your site. I’m so glad she did!

  16. I just love how this turned out. What lovely stitching. The frame is just perfect too. I would be honored to receive this giveaway. Please enter my name in the hat.
    Thank you, Judy

  17. Marykathryn. This turned out GREAT! And it looks fab on the check linen. I would love to have my name added to the hat. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway

  18. Hi Mary Kathryn. Please include me in your giveaway. I used to despise pink and now it’s one of my favorite colors in stitching. I love how the rose house turned out.

  19. Great finish and use of a snow day. i would love to have a snow day just once (but not here in Phoenix). LOL I would love to be entered into your drawing.

  20. I have to throw my name in the hat for this one. The gingham linen is so pretty!

    You really got hit with a lot of snow; good thing that it melts away fast in the Spring!

  21. Hi, I live down in Westminster. I also did quite a bit of stitching!!! I could so use that gingham material and threads!!! Thanks for the giveaway… p.s. love, love, your website and blog..

  22. Beautiful finish!! Wow, the fabric makes the pattern “pop”!

    No snow here. Actually, we are in the sixties today…

    Please enter my name in the hat for the giveaway.

  23. Mary Kathryn, your finish is delightful! I would love to stitch it myself! Please enter me into the drawing! Thanks, Jennifer

  24. Pink is my favorite color so would love to try the pink gingham!! I can’t keep up with you but love your stitching enthusiasm and inspiration!!! pj

  25. Yes, please. I would love to be included in the giveaway. But since I rarely win anything, I’m off to your shop to see if you are selling this delightful fabric.

  26. Wow! You made great time with your lovely finish during the blizzard. What lovely pix you take! Makes me feel like I’m there.

    Please enter me in your drawing…. gorgeous linen and fibers!

  27. I love those pink colors! Please add my name to your drawing. I have used some of the motifs from one of the Notforgotten Farms chart I received from you. Would it be ok to e-mail you photos so you can see that it has been put to good use?

  28. I would love to enter too. This is a gorgeous pattern and I love your choice of gingham fabric and frame. It’s very inspirational to see the work and creativity of other stitchers. Thank you!

  29. Hi,

    I found your website only today and I love it! Beautiful works and finishing.
    Please include me in your drawing too.

    Hugs from Hungary,


  30. Please add me to your drawing! I love pink and it was my favorite color as a little girl. Then I thought pink wasn’t cool enough so for years I really loved blue, but now I think pink is where my heart is, so pink is again my favorite color!

  31. I love this on the Gingham Fabric. I wouldn’t have thought to use it but it turned out lovely.
    Please add me to the drawing.

  32. Mary Kathryn, I love this on the pink gingham! I would love to be entered into your giveaway. With the grey days we’ve been having lately this is such a delight to see.

  33. i would have never thought to stitch it on gingham .. it is absolutely darling and pink is one of my favorites .. count me in on your drawing! karen ca

  34. Mary Kathryn,your work is truly inspirational! My sister bought me one of your beautifully-stitched pillows as a birthday gift a couple of years ago and it takes pride of place in my TV room on a little side table. I’m sure I’m too late for your give-away draw as I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by the next ‘Rocky Mountain’ Wednesday post.This may sound naive but I imagined you snowed in and unable to get to the P.O. If it was just one week later,then I am well and truly too late, but if it’s TWO weeks, then maybe I still have a chance….. Please enter me. Regards from sunny Cyprus, Eva.

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