3LK a
(The Sampler Girl – Oh Mother Dear)

3LK b

3LK c

I struggled with this little design for some reason. I put the kitties in the wrong place and had to choose between the basket and the key when I realized my mistake. I think it looks okay in the end – it is for a gift and I hope it will be well received. I loved working with the wool threads (the kitties & the dark blue on the mittens). I used Carrie’s Creation threads for the other colors. I think wool and kitties go together, I often find Ophelia trying to sneak off with a ball of my knitting wool, in fact she tired it this morning. I didn’t have time to grab the camera as she was halfway down the stairs with it when I spotted her.

I’ve made a little progress on my wool scarf, the recent snow has inspired me, we got a bit more today. Maybe I’ll have a new scarf by next winter, actually it can get pretty cool in the mountains even in the summer so I’m sure I’ll have use for it as soon as I get around to finishing it.

A nice thought in my chocolate tonight :0)…and did you see my new Twitter widget on the sidebar? I can blog from my phone now. Nifty!!


8 thoughts on “woolens

  1. I love your scarf. I think knitting can be done whenever the mood (or cold) strikes you. And I love your Mother Dear. Wouldn’t know the mistakes in placement if you hadn’t mentioned it! Looks great!

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