full of good things

thank you Caroline


Tyler came back from the mailbox with his arms full – seriously. In the pile of packages was one marked ‘Royal Mail’. Since I had no idea what it could be (everything else were items I ordered) I opened it first to Ethan’s yells of, “what is it, what is it?”. At the same time Tyler, Ethan and I said, “oooohhhhh!” When we saw this wonderful book (photographed on some of the fabric that also came in the mail). It is really a beautiful edition and I’m so touched by this gift. I love the compact size, the gold edged pages, the beautiful typeset – everything about it. Thank you again Caroline!!

Did you know that Carrie’s Creation Threads are now available in silk and at Handcrafts Online? Here is sampling of 30 colors. In order they are: Blue Dreams, Indigo, Ashes, Elephant Grey, Bullfrog, Frosty Pine, Valley Green, Clover, Teal Mist, Aquamarine, Waterfall, Viridian, Tropical Water, Bay Breeze, Baja Blue, Cherry, Crimson, Olde World Red, Dusty Rose, Amethyst, Lavender, Blueberry Pie, Aubergine, Sorbet, Bordeaux, Multigrain, Buffalo Fur, Caribou Hide, Antique Gold, Dawn Sky. Beautiful threads, wonderful price.


This Easter Weekend – beginning tomorrow shipping for webshop orders is only .99 in the US and 1.99 to the rest of the world. Any size order.

April 15 – The Online Needlework Show – Shop with me!

In less than 2 weeks – My 3 year blogoversary (and 4 year Webshop anniversary). Yes there will be prizes.

4 thoughts on “full of good things

  1. I’m using one of the new Carrie’s Silk Threads for a design I’m working on. I’m doing it in the shade called “Ephiphany”. It is really nice to work with.

    Linda in VA

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