buttefly a

butterfly b

M&Ms are very yummy but so is this design from Country Cottage Needleworks. This is the Butterfly Bungalow design from Summer Retreats. I’m using Crescent Colours for this, so far I’ve used Amethyst, Blueberry Tart, Bamboo, Bella Rosa, Tufted Yellow, Poblano Pepper, & Country Lane. Sorry this picture is so dark, we’ve had lots of clouds lately, hopefully I can get a better photo in the sunshine soon!

The Online Needlework Show starts tomorrow! Shop with me….


13 thoughts on “yummy

  1. Your cottage looks so sweet.

    Thanks for the Empty Tomb rolls recipe. Great Easter tradition!

    “The Love of God” is one of my favorite hymns. The words are so beautiful! Another favorite verse from the hymn:

    The love of God is greater far than tongue or pen can ever tell, it goes beyond the highest star and reachest to the lowest hell.

  2. This is such a sweet little design and I love your picture of it. Don’t remind me about the Needlework Show. I can’t, just can’t get any more stash!

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