changes and discovery


by M-Designs (both at my blog projects page)
Miss Mary Mac’s Pins & Needles Pincushion
Sampler Girls

cnd b

You may have noticed that I often make changes in the designs I stitch. These generally come about in two ways. They are rarely something that I plan on when I start to stitch something unless we are talking about thread type or color.

My two main approaches to design changes are trial and error. Trial goes like this…”I wonder what it would look like if I….” and then I give it a try. Sometimes I like it sometimes not. Sometimes it is inspired by another design or something I have seen. Error goes like this….”Crud! I put that in the wrong place and then counted wrong and this is in the wrong place too. Should I pull this all back out and re do it or should I try to work with it….?”

Both these approaches result in what I call project personalization. I’m not improving or correcting, just personalizing my projects, the fact that I’m stitching it lets you know I thought it was a terrific design to begin with and wanted to duplicate it. That being said, here is my personalized start on Miss Mary Mac’s Pins & Needles Pincushion from M-Designs. You can decide which approach I used for Miss Mary. (I have had Sampler Girls kitted up for an age and now that I’m working on Miss Mary, I’m dying to start on the Girls too.)

cnd c (I stitched this about 24 years ago, look at that beat up frame, if anyone knows the source of this design please post in comments, I can’t remember.)

Now for the discovery. About 8 months ago I had to replace my 5+ year old glasses. I was told my current prescription was way too strong for me and that I needed to slowly move down to a significantly weaker one. I’ve been taking my glasses off for reading more and more often. Last night I was having trouble seeing this 40ct linen and even got out my cheaters. Well, it turns out I can see it best with no glasses at all. Now I just need to remember that my glasses are sitting on top of my head when I try to do something else! I probably should make another eye appointment too.

cnd a

Please get your Online Needlework Show orders emailed to me no later that early Monday morning please, I’ll need to get things processed and ordered by evening – thanks!


12 thoughts on “changes and discovery

  1. I love the hair!!! OMG!!! How did you get the floss through – you must tell? I just love your stitching, MK.

    Love those glasses. Mine are brown and green and are around 6 months old, but I’ve been thinking about getting another pair so I have options, kind of like belts or shoes, even though I don’t have many of either. I’m not one of those girly-girls that has a ton of shoes or purses. Anyway, I love your stitching!

  2. Wish I had that problem with my eyes; I think mine are getting worse! I do think your glasses are pretty cool looking though!

    Love the new LHN designs in your previous post!

  3. Love Miss Mary…..and the 24-year-old piece looks like something akin to one I did years and years ago. I think it might have been from an old Leisure Arts booklet. I’ll do some digging and let you know if I find it.

  4. Mary Kathryn, hi there :>)
    What great glasses, very retro :>) How refreshing to be told you need weaker glasses and not stronger ones! I wish that was the case with me.
    I love your pretty little girl with plaits. They suit her so well.
    The lovely design you stitched 24 years ago is so familiar. I see plaits were in fashion then too :>) I’m sure it’s from a very very old For The Love of Stitching magazine, maybe even the premier issue or a JCS. I recognise it or something very similar to it. I will get my old mags out tomorrow. We’re getting ready to take Rula back to college now.
    Warm wishes Angela

  5. Guessing, I think that I also stitched this pattern about the same time. Back then, it wasn’t popular to ID and date stitched artwork. For now, I have it sitting on a shelf by my craft room computer. I’m looking at it while I type. The frame is shaped like a house. The frame and stitched picture are still in perfect shape; as though it had been framed yesterday. It was a booklet from Leisure Arts called “All God”s Children.” Hope I have been helpful.

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