getting there




Lots going on this week. Tomorrow is my 3rd blogaversary, and Earth Day. Since I use Wednesdays to share pictures of the part of the Earth where I live, The Blog Party will start Thursday and go through the weekend. It’s also an anniversary for my webshop.

I’m very close to wrapping up several projects big and small so I couldn’t resist starting the newest thread pack from Little House and Crescent Colours as soon as I saw it. I love using Belle Soie silks and I love this design. Autoships are on the way if you are part of the program and they are at the webshop too.

I was thinking of using some eggplant, hounds tooth Weeks Wool on the back of my Pins and Needles but I think it is too bulky for the 40ct linen front, soooo I’ll have to go fabric shopping, darn!

I’m going to spend the afternoon updating the webshop with all the good things from the Online Needlework Show and more (after meeting hubby for lunch) – so be sure to stop by and see what’s new!!


14 thoughts on “getting there

  1. I just love your Mary Mac’s braids! So cute!!! 🙂 Oh, and Miss Mary has a matching sewing roll coming soon, so if you think that you might stitch it as well, you may want to pick up a bit of extra backing fabric while you are fabric shopping. 🙂 Happy to enable your shopping. 😉 Off to check out your webshop.

    M Designs

  2. I could tell those were silks and even happier when you said they were Belle Soie. I too love working with Belle Soie. Of all the silks and cottons I’ve used I find BS to tangle the least. It glides through the linen like a knife through butter. I just love them. Your progress is beautiful, MK. I don’t know how you do it. Do you stitch while you’re teaching your children? You homeschool, correct?

  3. MK, your stitching is beautiful. I’m so sorry that you HAVE to go fabric shopping….I know how much you despise that!! LOL LOL LOL



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