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I woke up this morning to snow and a fantastic sinus headache. The snow has melted but the head gets steadily worse as my allergies have gone mad. I’ve used up two boxes of tissues so far. Is there anything softer than Puffs Plus?

Since I’m sort of moderating the Beneath the Sunlit Sky SAL that wraps up next week, I thought I should dig mine out of the WIP heap and make a bit of progress. You can see some of the color changes I’ve made. I feel like I’m almost to the point on this when it begins to feel like I’ll get it finished soon – I’m not quite there yet.

Some of the Online Needlework Show goodies are trickling in, here are some personal favorites, I’m thinking Belle Soie Silks for this one!

Jerry made breakfast for dinner last night, here are his ingredients all ready to go. It was yummy.

Thank you so much for celebrating with me. All the specials and shipping discounts come to an end tonight but I will keep the tag sale page up for a few more days and apply the free/.99 shipping to items purchased at the tag sale. It has been a great party – thank you again.


12 thoughts on “all partied out

  1. Mmmmm….I love having breakfast for dinner. Give me a good omelet everyday and I’m a happy lady.

    MK, I have the BBD Beneath the Sunlit Sky kitted up but I have to ask what fabric your stitching yours on. I love it and it’s soo much better looking than my old linen.

    Thanks for the party and the great shop sales.


  2. I just love this BB design… the colours are so beautiful. Seeing your progress is just what I needed ~smile~ I HAVE to start mine now. Can’t wait to see it finished 🙂

    Hope your sinus headache will be gone soon.

  3. When my allergies/sinus act up like this, I put pure lanolin on my nose in between blows. It really does help with the pain and tearing of the skin. I hope you’ll feel better soon.

  4. I hope you are feeling better. My sinuses have been giving me a hassle lately as well.

    Love your Sunlit Sky. Very pretty. The color changes are gorgeous.

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