Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 429a

rmw 429c

rmw 429b

rmw 429d

All pictures were taken through my windshield so sorry about the visor and glare. It was such a beautiful day! I love this time of year when it’s warm but there is still snow on the mountains.

A cool thing about Rocky Mountain Wednesdays, the Estes Park Welcome Center twittered a link to my blog! So if anyone is here checking out RMW from that link – Welcome!!

I know – what are rocks and mountains to prizes? (I couldn’t resist a vague Austen reference – P&P chapter 4.)

For the PIF – I really, really wanted to do one for everyone but to be realistic I only increased it to 5. Those 5 are:

Kim B (comment #2)
Kate (comment #28)
Susan (comment #86)
Monique (comment # 92)
Michele (comment #130)

Thank you for signing up – you know how it all works, if not please contact me. I’m increasing the time in which I’ll send these out to 6 months since I’m sending a few more than originally planned.

Now the prizes –

Prize #1 – $25 gift card (I’ll throw in free shipping so the whole thing can go on stash)
Debra (comment #61)

Prize #2 – assortment of kitted blog projects
Lynda (comment #52)

Prize #3 – selection of hand-dyed fibers, and cross stitch fabric
Wendy (comment #136)

Prize #4 – pillow from my collection of past projects
Marian D (comment #6)

Thank you again for celebrating with me. I’m sending along a little gift to everyone who shopped with me during the sale as an extra thank you.


6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

    MK,I love your pictures of the mountains. What’s the highest elevation arounf you and at what elevation are you? I can remeber living in Big Bear Calif and I loved seeing all the peaks and valleys surrounding me. I miss the mountains!!

  2. Thanks, Mary Kathryn. It was a surprise to see my name chosen for your PIF. I’ve admired your stitching from afar and look forward to receiving something made by you. I’ll post the PIF on my blog within the next week or so. Am taking a class right now and it finishes up by the 11th, so will have more “me” time after that. Thanks again and Have A Wonderful Day!

  3. Phooey! I just now logged into your blog after a LONG break. In fact, I thought to myself, “self, what was the name of that blog where she posts pictures of the mountains on Wednesdays?” and myself couldn’t for the life of me remember, until I went into my Feedjit live site. There I saw your name and hurried right over. Before I even read a word, I made sure it is one of my RSS feeds, so I won’t miss a word.
    And I joined a PIF myself, but oh, oh, oh, I would love to receive something from you. I guess I have to do it the traditional way by going to your shop and paying for one. But that’s OK, you have given away a bunch of your profit in this giveaway.
    Thanks for your really nice blog. It makes me really homesick.

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