in the stash basket

thread packing

thread packing 2

thread packing 3

thread packing 4

I’ve made up some half-skein thread packs for the adorable Primitive Wizard of OZ from Midsummer Night, you can find them here (and threads packs for the other designs shown as well).

What to start first (let’s just not think about all the other things I’ve started in 2009). I just feel like I HAVE to put just a few stitches in each of these, at least the first three, the last picture is some other exciting new additions to my stash basket that I need to round up some materials for. Which would you stitch first?


13 thoughts on “in the stash basket

  1. I think I would start The Busy Bee first, the colours in it caught my eye. I do like them all though, and I would probably dither about which one to start. I can’t wait to see your first stitches in each of them.

  2. Gosh, I wish I had your stash! I love that W of OZ piece as I’m a rabid fan of that movie. And the ABC piece is probably going to end up in my basket too. I think you have some excellent stash!

  3. Love all 3 – but think I would start the LHN ABC Rhyme chart. Looking forward to seeing more piccies of them! ;o)

    Claire in UK

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