weekend stitches





Jerry really wanted me to try not to work this weekend. He took care of all the kids activities, cooking, and shopping and after a bit of work I couldn’t put off Saturday morning I spent the rest of the weekend stitching. I made some nice progress on Red House Sampler by Brenda Keyes at The Sampler Company. Got a decent start on LHN’s Alphabet Rhyme, and even put a few stitches in Primitive Wizard of Oz Sampler from Midsummer Night Designs (nothing worth showing just yet).

A few goodies that came in the mail, a pincushion I bought on Etsy Day from the Daily Pincushion and a new book by Joanna Figueroa. Lovely!


12 thoughts on “weekend stitches

  1. What a nice hubby…giving you time for yourself! Love the colors on Red House Sampler. The Daily Pincushion…really like her pincushions. I bought the undersea pincushion as a birthday present to myself…love it!

  2. Love your WIP’s…please tell us the fabric you are using. Especially like Red House Sampler. May need to get that chart. pj

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