linen and things

linen and things d

A very nice linen order came in. I love seeing it all together like this – I’ll spend the evening chopping it up and putting it through the serger for orders all the while imagining what I might stitch on it.

It does make me want to start this (A Inventory Needlework Pillow from Little by Little)…I can’t decide on fabric or fibers, the stitch count is pretty big, at 102×182, so I’m thinking 40ct and possibly silk fibers.

linen and things

I pulled this back out, or should I say came across this as I was sorting out a heap of things I had piled on a shelf. I’m hoping to get this done for “Friday Finish” over at the Jane Austen stitching group (see my yahoo groups list in the side bar if you are interested). I was enjoying some stitching time on the back deck until Ethan kicked his shoes into the window well that I told him to stay away from oh about 11 times. So we came inside and I got some other work accomplished.

linen and things c

We are having wedding chicken for dinner tonight, in fact I need to go pop it in the oven.

linen and things b


9 thoughts on “linen and things

  1. Oooh linen! Did mine come in that order? I love the piece that you are working on! I can’t wait to start on mine.

    Love, Heather

  2. Hi I really like your site. Out of the hundreds and hundreds if not thousands around about cross stitch yours stands out. It’s great.

  3. That linen is gorgeous to look at. What pretty colors.

    So my kids aren’t the only ones that need to be told something a dozen times (and then they just ignore it)? Phew!

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