roses + cats + birds

bnr 3


bnr 2


A new product is coming from Impie, Hattie, & Bea! I stitched up Little House Needleworks Rose Sampler to go with this new release. I think shops will get a picture tomorrow of the actual product for placing orders. I’ll be sure to add a photo here when I can!

I was able to get one Mother’s Day gift in the mail yesterday. This one is for Jerry’s mom who has 3 children (Jerry has 2 sisters). I’ve not done so well with my mom’s or stepmother’s gift….

The new Loose Feathers designs are here!! The shopping buttons are up at the webshop. These designs are shown on Baby’s Breath linen from Weeks Dye Works, one of the linen options I’m offering for this release.

Some serious birdwatching is going on this afternoon at my place!


10 thoughts on “roses + cats + birds

  1. Hi Mary Kathryn,
    Love your OH MOTHER DEAR finish however those kitties watching the bird is too precious. Oh MY – you wonder what they are thinking?! Great pictures!


  2. Your hanging pillow is so sweet. And I love that photo of the cats. You can tell they just want to play, or attack, that bird. Their little ears erect and ready to prance. đŸ˜€

  3. j’aime beaucoup ROSE SAMPLER !! je l’ai brodĂ© , il me reste a le finitionnĂ© !!

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