wish you could join me






A perfect day to show you the pillow I finally finished.  This is Tea Thyme in the Garden from PrimitiveBetty’s and I sort of un-primmed it…

The back yard is so nice this morning, I’d love to settle in for a good long stitch but alas.  I was very tempted to sneak into my neighbor’s back yard to steal a lilac but I know his man eating dogs can run faster than I can so I just admired them over the fence.  Ophelia’s two favorite birds were cooing away on my other side neighbor’s house.  I think we should name these two, that stack is out my office window and I hear and see them all day long, lovely.

A photo of the back of my pillow, also not very prim, and a very pretty new design – Hannah Beeby 1816 Sampler which is  finally in at the webshop (I’ve not listed it there yet but feel free to email me about it).  If you can believe it I’m still waiting for some very pokey Online Needlework Show orders!


16 thoughts on “wish you could join me

  1. That pillow is amazing, Mary Kathryn. It’s beautiful! Did you hand sew the lacey trim around the border? And what about the smaller inner border trim? Did you hand sew that on? It’s just amazing and I want details. 😀

    You sneak! LOL

  2. Wow Mary Kathryn,
    This is just beautiful. You really do have a flair for creating beautiful things. I love the touch of nostalgia with the pretty lace.
    Lovely photos too of the dove cote and the lilacs. I wish you lived closer then I would cut you a bunch off our tree :>) The smell is so delicate.
    Hugs Angela

  3. ce petit coussin est ravissant !!
    très jolies couleurs toutes douces !! j’aime beaucoup !

  4. Oh Mary Kathryn! These photos sing to my spirit today. I am in love with how you have finished this piece. Please share the threads that you used. The color is pure perfection.

    I love the blue and white pottery that you’ve chosen to use in your photos as well. You have inspired me without even attempting to.

  5. I’d be pretty tempted by those lilacs, too!

    Betty must love how you un-primitived her design. It looks so lovey! You’re terribly clever. 😀

  6. I love your Colorado Rockies photos each week!
    Colorado is a favorite state of mine. I am
    curious as to what and where the stone house/building is? All of your pictures are

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