fab day b

fab day a

I finished up Miss Mary Mac’s Pins & Needle’s Pincushion from M Designs. I think I will use some of the scraps from the Baby Girl Quilt I plan to make on the back of this. I can’t the fabric I want to use on this, I keep finding many I want to use.

I have some of the Aviary Honey Buns that are used in the Baby Girl Quilt in stock. I’m going to put these up at Etsy, but if you want to email me about them that works too! My keyboard is now full of the little bits of fabric that comes off the edges of these rolls, so don’t put them on your keyboard for pictures if you get one!

Better go make dinner!



But wait, there’s more….Tyler just brought the mail and wowee. I’ve seen these Jane Austen fabrics in stores, and I really tried to like them, but I think it was the way they were displayed. I felt guilty that I didn’t like these fabrics, I really should in all honesty be crazy about these fabrics. Then I saw them at Tanya’s blog (part of some really sweet kits she has for sale) and I loved these fabrics and tracked some down for my stash. I found the Sarah scissors at Carol’s blog! Thank you Tanya & Carol!

9 thoughts on “sweet!

  1. ces tissus sont superbes ! aux couleurs toutes douces , j’aime beaucoup !!
    bonne journée

  2. I admire you for all of your stitching that you do and I just dearly love your website too.

    I love reading your Blog and I check it every day just to take a look at it.

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Linda K

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