Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 520a

rmw 520b

rmw 520 c

rmw 520d

rmw 520e

A bit of a mix today. I was very bad about remembering to take my camera around with me today, I did take a few pictures the other day when I was out for an appointment and Jerry, who is working in another part of the state, sent me some photos he took.

Photos 1&2 were taken on my way to an appointment. I loved how green everything looked here.

Photo #3 – the large bird is an American White Pelican (with mating plumage) Ethan noticed it while we were driving along and asked me to stop and take a picture.

Photo 4 – Jerry drove up Pikes Peak today and sent back this picture – not a very clear day as you can see. I don’t care for driving up Pikes Peak; I’m glad he went without me!

Photo 5 – an animal we don’t see in the mountains much is the Pronghorn Antelope, I’ve never seen one this big. That is another picture from Jerry who is working where the antelope roam….


2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. I’m glad Ethan asked you to stop to take a picture of the pelican…it’s my favorite in this group. So beautiful and it speaks of being carefree.

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