a stitchless post

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At least no pictures of stitching, I can’t help but write about stitching….

First, after another very (very) late night getting everything that I could possibly ship ready to go before the long weekend, I woke up and baked a cake! Well, technically it’s banana bread which I usually bake in loaf pans or a bundt pan but the recipe is really more like cake…so I baked it in a 9×13 pan this time – yummy! The recipe is here.

I think the lid on my new terrarium jar is a bit too air-tight. I left the plants in it over night and it was completely fogged up this morning. Got every thing planted (inside and out). The girls inspected my work…we’ll see how well it does. I either need to keep the lid partially open, cut off the seal in the lid, or find a new jar. I was thinking this would be a good jar to store ground walnut shells in for pincushion filling, in that case I don’t want to cut off the seal…..I’ll give a few days to decide (and see if my little garden even survives).

I’m spending the rest of the day stitching – high hopes for something good to show for it in the next day or two (see I said I couldn’t helping posting something about stitching).


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