all through the house





Well, there is evidence in nearly every room here that I’ve been busy stitching, sewing, crafting….but not much in the way of finishes to share. I hope to see this little LHN thread pack project finished and on the wall soon.

I bought another cubbie cube to fill up with fabrics, it doesn’t quite match the old pieces but I sort of like it that way. Ethan was trying to fill it for me (by pulling fabric out of the old cubbie) which is why I need to pull all the fabric out and start over I think. Maybe dark fabric in one and light in the other??

My flowers all seem to have survived the transplanting process and have had plenty of moisture from 3 days of rain (more today I think). I also repaired my workroom window screen which Ophelia, in a moment of bird watching zeal, decided to launch herself through. I caught her by the back leg and hauled her back in – the birds were appalled!

* * * * *

Shop Announcement

Handcrafts Online will be taking short summer break June 7-20, 2009. Orders received during that period will continue to be processed but will not ship until after June 20th. Thank you again for all your support and friendship.



8 thoughts on “all through the house

  1. Nice pictures Mary Kathryn!
    I love those two pincushions and have a similar pattern that I want to try.
    Love the flower frog and oh, I want to shop for fabrics at your house 🙂

  2. Mary Kathryn, I love your blog – everything is so beautiful and inspiring. I also have 2 cats and one is CONSTANTLY on my naughtly list. His worst habit is pulling my ribbons, yarn, and even some “finished” pieces off of my work space and dragging them through the house. He only does this when I am GONE…. I guess he misses me???? OR< he knows this is the only time he can get by with it!!!!

    I love your cubbies. Where do you find things like these? They are so useful.

    Best wishes,

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