Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 527d

rmw 527c

rmw 527b

rmw 527a

I just realized at about 7:30 that the two bad pictures I took when I was out to the post office (pics 3 & 4) weren’t quite enough for a RMW post so I ran outside and took a few more (pics 1 & 2).

It looked like there were a few rain showers here and there today, none fell on my house however so I need to remember to give the flowers a drink.

I never know where I should post answers to questions left in comments. Should I leave them in comments also? Add them to a following post…? Anyhow, today I’m answering 2 questions here.

*I got the cubbie boxes for fabric at Target
*The linen I’m stitching the LHN Loving & Faithful thread pack on is Confederate Gray Belfast…which brings up another point, which is the correct way to spell gray/grey?  Wichelt has this listed as gray at their website, I thought grey was correct but I see both used so interchangeably that I’m not sure….

I’ve been re-re-re-reading Elements of Style and I’m hyper conscious of word usage at the moment. I’m brushing up on punctuation as well – I’m hopeless with commas but love a good excuse to use a semi-colon.

* * * * *

Shop Announcement

Handcrafts Online will be taking short summer break June 7-20, 2009. Orders received during that period will continue to be processed but will not ship until after June 20th. Thank you again for all your support and friendship.



9 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. I’m with you on the semicolons. Another book you should pick up is “The Dimwit’s Dictionary”. I’m sure Amazon has it. My daughter’s boyfriend, who is a writer, gave me a copy, and I am very slowly making my way through it. Very insightful.

  2. I wish I could walk through your woods. They are so inviting.

    I’ve always thought the “colour grey” is British and the “color gray” American. I’ve no idea what they use in the rest of the world.


  3. I absolutely love your blog! And the pictures are amazing! I’ve been to that part of CO – I have a very close needlework friend who lives in Estes Park.

    Keep those gorgeous pictures coming!

  4. Once again I have enjoyed my weekly ‘visit’ to the Rocky Mountains :o) In New Zealand, we spell the ‘colour’ ‘grey’. I think that is the English-English spelling, while ‘gray’ is the American-English spelling of the ‘color’ :o) I spell it all both ways… it just depends who I am writing to and where they live :o)

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