weekend wrap






Yesterday Jerry, Ethan, and I went on a long mountain drive. The snow isn’t nearly as deep as it was a year ago. It was a stormy day and we drove through some new snow falling, but it was very wet and won’t add to the snowpack. Our route took us through Rocky Mountain National Park (via Trail Ridge Road) over to Grand Lake, Winter Park, and down to Golden where we stopped by the Lego store (Ethan was thrilled) and then a late dinner. I took lots of pictures (that’s me in the rear-view mirror) that will be popping up on Rocky Mountain Wednesdays.

I’ve spent a good part of today looking for a couple things that refused to be found. I get very cranky when I can’t find things (very). On a positive note, I did pull out a few WIPs that I’d like to get back to, there is a new batch of Pin Poufs in stock as well as a few available Rose Thread Pouches. I think I’ll go stitch for a bit and maybe it will just come to me where I could have put those pesky things I’ve been searching for….

* * * * *

Shop Announcement

Handcrafts Online will be taking short summer break June 7-20, 2009. Orders received during that period will continue to be processed but will not ship until after June 20th. Thank you again for all your support and friendship.



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