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I have not had a good day. Technical difficulties are making life…well – difficult. I have a laundry basket plus of orders that I was going to ship today and then my printer and computer suddenly decided they couldn’t get along – no matter what. Hours on the phone with tech ‘support’ – while digging through my purse searching for chocolate, and they still won’t communicate. Jerry is checking out new printers at Sam’s club as I type this….

It has been cold and rainy all day, a cozy stay home kind of day. Dark and grey, but there was lots of color in the kitchen. Some fast favorites for dinner – not much time for cooking after I gave up with the printer. Havarti cheese and toasted bread, Polish sausage with peppers and onions (served with rice) and some yummy berries – I may have over indulged on the berries – they were sooo good.

Some color in the mail today too. This fun and wonderful fabric from Sandy Gervais. It’s called Candy Kisses and I’ve added some to my Etsy shop. I plan to make a quilt I saw over at Moda Bakeshop, too cute!

I’m going to stitch a bit on Beneath the Sunlit Sky til Jerry gets home, and then finish my work (and kick the old printer while I’m at it).

Shop Announcement

Handcrafts Online will be taking short summer break June 7-20, 2009. Orders received during that period will continue to be processed but will not ship until after June 20th. Thank you again for all your support and friendship.



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