blue and blue berries




Little Miss Ophelia snuggling down for a nap – actually I sprinkled some catnip on that cushion and she is trying to get as close to it as she can.

I made a tiny start on Mary Davies 1769 (The Sampler Girl), I’m using Belle Soie Wheatgrass and Petticoat Blue on Cream Edinburgh linen, I like just using two colors, fast progress. I plan to use Butterscotch Belle Soie for the gold in this design. I think I’ll change the bottom to say: ‘Worked by Jane Austen, In the Year 1804, Bath’ for my JA collection of stitched things.

I made some blueberry muffin cake this evening (made a muffin recipe but baked it in a 9×13 pan instead). It’s pretty yummy. I tried a recipe I found online here, I just sprinkled sugar on top without the cinnamon.

I have one batch of last minute orders to get in the mail tomorrow and I’m planning to blog once more before the break – I plan to twitter messages here from my cell phone now and then, so you can follow me there or read those messages here at my blog at the top of the side column where it says ‘tweets’.

Shop Announcement

Handcrafts Online will be taking short summer break June 7-20, 2009. Orders received during that period will continue to be processed but will not ship until after June 20th. Thank you again for all your support and friendship.



10 thoughts on “blue and blue berries

  1. OMG! Okay, Ophelia is just precious, but you know that. You make the yummiest stuff to eat – truly you do. A slice of that would go lovely with my cup of coffee right now.
    I am in LOVE with your color choices. They match some table linens that I won recently via a blog giveaway. I will be making a note of them and ordering them from you very very soon.

    Happy Saturday!!

  2. Little Ophelia is so darn cute. I’m growing catnip this year so my kitties will have an endless supply plus I can make more cat toys.Blueberry muffin cake looks YUMMY!!

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. I love your choice of colors! I love the blue dishes and the orange Kitchen Aid. My kitchen is blue and my kitchen aid is grape. hee hee
    the muffins in a 9×13 is a great idea!
    Question: What is your needle sitting in?

  4. As a cat lover (we have 2!) I love to see pics posted and Ophelia is a sweetie 🙂

    The blue is gorgeous! Simple and elegant.

    YUMMMM….think I’ll have to make this for breakfast 🙂 I made a peach cobbler today and it is yummy!!

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