remember me?






Hello, I hope someone is still checking here for posts, out of sight — out of mind and all that….

The past two weeks just flew by.  As you can see I did lots of stitching.  It was a good time of rest, relaxation, and taking care of some long overdue personal tasks which included a doctor’s visit, getting enough sleep (for the first time in 2009 I think), and making sure exercise fits into my daily routine.  My time ‘away’ has made me see the need for having one day each week that I don’t even open my laptop so that day will be Sunday after today.  That will be hard for me, I love checking my email, blog reader, and yahoo groups – often!

I’ll begin catching up on my correspondence tomorrow morning; I have missed my stitching friends.

Projects shown:

The Busy Bee ~ Elizabeth’s Designs

Flea Market Souvenir – Blackbird Designs

Stories to Live by Noah ~ Plum Street Samplers

On Travel with Jane Austen ~ The Sampler Girl

My Home is Built in Glory ~ Heartstring Primitives


19 thoughts on “remember me?

  1. I’m so glad to hear you got some much-needed rest! And such gorgeous projects too
    Mary Kathryn! I am infatuated with On Travel with Jane Austen. Tanya is so gifted and the colors in that design are yummy! I can’t wait to see how it finishes up for you.

  2. Good on you giving yourself a day to yourself and not to the laptop – wish I could do that with family! LOL

    Loving the stitching – as always. Always envious of the fabric choices you make – they are stunning!

    Claire in UK

  3. Of course we’re all still here checking in on you Mary Kathryn 🙂
    I think your very right in having one day off the computer…very reasonable, I try to lessen my time on the computer on the weekends myself and have found that I’m happier myself 🙂

  4. Mary Kathryn, I read your blog most everyday. I find it very inspiring and your needlework is so beautiful. Hope you have had a good rest. Best wishes.

  5. Yep I remember you…I didn’t forget you at all….

    I’m glad that you had a safe trip there and back.

    Congratulations to your finishes. You do beautiful stitching.

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  6. Welcome back Mary Kathryn. Missed your posts, but totally understand about needing to take a break. Your stitching is lovely.

  7. Welcome back Mary Kathryn! Your stitching is looking lovely as always. 🙂 Your idea about a ‘no computer’ day is a good one. I may try it! (or try to. lol)

  8. Welcome back to blogging!!! I have to thank you for something that has been taking up my days this past week and that is CAMPION!! I follow you on Twitter and you mentioned watching this so over to Netflix I went and sure enough there was quite a few Campion shows available for Instant Watch. Oh I have fallen in love with this show!!!

    PS-I’m missyontheloose on twitter!!

  9. I’m glad you had a much needed break (and well-deserved too) – and I’m glad you got some stitching done. But man, I’ve missed checking in on your blog to see what you’ve been up to! Glad you are back!!

    Linda in VA

  10. Welcome back! Glad you had a good break and yes, I am still visiting your site — you always have so many pretty things on it — and, of course, your stitching is gorgeous. By the way, I have the same Fiesta bowls — I bought a whole set of the Ivory — it was time for new dishes and looking for something made in US — and I love them!

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