red house, blue paint






Still plugging away at my Red House Sampler by Brenda Keyes. The house took quite a while, I love how this is turning out.

As I mentioned Amber and I whipped up several batches of strawberry freezer jam. I taste tested a batch by having some with this extra delicious yogurt – yum!

We are doing a little work around the house. I’m going to do some painting. Most of the walls are white, the trim is white, this carpet is white… get the idea. I plan to do the boys bathroom first. I like white in the master bath (with the purple towel) but I am planning on blue for the boys’. Here are some color samples with the artwork from their bath, I’m leaning toward the third color from the top on the card closest to The Wild Things.


12 thoughts on “red house, blue paint

  1. I love the red brick house…and yum yum straberry jam. Wanted you to know I made a plum pie with YOUR pie crust….again….and it turned out beautifully and soooo good. I tried it with Splenda this time. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have run across your excellent pie crust recipe. Thanks again. I use it all the time.

  2. Hi Mary Kathryn,
    I love your Red House Sampler!! It looks fabulous! Can I ask what fabric you are using? I have started this, but I don’t like the fabric and I am thinking of changing before I stitch any more of it. The strawberry freezer jam looks delicious. My mother makes this. We love it on biscuits and waffles. 🙂 Love the art work, especially The Wild Things.

  3. Your stitching is absolutely beautiful! You know I had to add this pattern to the “want” list! LOL The freezer jam looks VERY yummy…would go great with my homemade biscuits!!

  4. Oh, I love this sampler. In fact, I just received the pattern last week and can’t wait to start on it! Would you share your fabric choice?

    Strawberry freezer jam is so yummy. My great aunt would always give me a jar (or two) when I would visit her. I miss that so much. This year I was so blessed as two of my friends made a batch and they each shared a jar with me. I never thought of mixing it with my yogurt – I’ll try it this weekend.

    Thanks for sharing your work. And I think any of the blues you choose will work perfectly. Can’t wait to see the finish.

  5. The red house sampler is looking great! What a clear, beautiful picture. The pincushion is nice, too. I like the blue paint color you chose and think it will work well.

  6. Oh your sampler is beautiful!! I love Brenda Keyes!

    So how do you make strawberry freezer jam?

    I like the blue you picked for your boys bathroom, and I love the Wild things picture-where did you get it? I was once lucky enough to see the Joffrey ballet perform the nutcracker with set design by Maurice Sendak-it was awesome!!

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