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On Travel with Jane Austen from the Sampler Girl is coming along. Love the colors for this sampler and the large size of it. I’m stitching this on Country French Latte Linen (32 count). The little blue Butterfly scissors shown here are quickly becoming my current favorites. They are from Dinky Dyes. Please note: if you leave these scissors in the sunshine you may be in danger of leaving a butterfly shaped brand on your palm – trust me!

Ethan and I made a farmer’s market stop after shipping orders this morning. Brought home good stuff as you can see. I enjoy going to the market on the weekend but I have to say, I wish that everyone who owned a dog (or 3 or 4) didn’t feel they needed to bring them to market. I like dogs, I really do, but I don’t enjoy tripping over them when I’m trying to buy veggies, or when they try to get Ethan’s cookie from him as we walk along, or when there is about to be a dog rumble in the only aisle between stands….you get the idea.

Some goodies that arrived from Hoffman’s and Crescent Colours this week – so many good things to stitch, so little time…..

Jerry called me for a last minute lunch date today, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves, then went paint shopping. Come to find out it was buy one gallon get a gallon free day…..Oh the possibilities.


PS –

I’m stitching Red House Sampler on 35ct Lambswool from Wichelt.


You can find the strawberry freezer jam recipe here.

2 thoughts on “on travel and more

  1. I’d like to know what you think of P&P and the Zombies. When I first saw that I thought that is so bizarre!

    You’ve got lots of wonderful stitching there, JA or no!

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