Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

RMW 718c


RMW 919a

RMW 912d


I hope you’ll forgive me for recycling some older RMW photos today. I just can’t seem to take a good picture lately. Today was very productive otherwise so I won’t complain.

It has been very hot, of course I’ve been trying to get vacuuming and ironing done of all things and we don’t have air conditioning (on purpose, I prefer fresh air, even if it’s really hot). I think I need to sit by the fan and stitch for a bit.

We are seeing the last of the snow melt fast each day, there’s still enough there to be refreshing to look at, but not for long.


3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Hi, I’m back again :>)
    My sister and I just loved this entry on your blog. We are both Jane Austen addicts and loved looking at your stitching. What a clever idea to personalize some of the books and heroines using LHN designs. You really are inspirational. We both (my sister and I are so similar I find myself always talking in the plural..haha) Yes, we both loved the little Jane Austen pincushion. Please would you tell me how you made this. I’d love to surprise her (and myself) with one. Is the fabric for sale or did you print it?

    I recently finished reading a novel called Jane Austen Ruined My Life. It wasn’t one of the best I’ve read but it was a good time filler. Rula (DD) read it and really enjoyed it.
    Warm wishes Angela

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