French General, Blackbird, Books and More

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Trying to take better pictures = taking lots of pictures, so I hope you don’t mind picture heavy posts…..still not quite happy, I think it’s a summer lighting thing.

First of all, I have two of these gorgeous French General Pincushions and Tape Measure sets I’ll be listing at Etsy.  The pincushion is very large (as you can see) and very heavy – over 2 pounds.  I love the fabric on the back and that wonderful French General Tag!!

I whipped up a little cover for my serger this morning. Yzma likes to unthread the darn thing whenever I’m not looking and if you have a serger like mine you know you need the hands of brain surgeon to get it threaded correctly and if you’re lucky it only takes about 6 attempts. Hopefully this little cover will help.

Made a quick run to Borders with my coupon in hand to pick up a new book I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  I’m half way through this book and enjoying it immensely. Oh, that’s a picture of my lunch…

Here you can see my progress on the Summer SAL over at the Blackbird Yahoo group.  SALs are usually the ‘kiss of death’ when it comes to me ever finishing – we’ll see if I do better this time.

Yzma says ‘Stay Cool’.


17 thoughts on “French General, Blackbird, Books and More

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying reading Guernsey. I loved it and have given it away and told others about it since last November! It’s such a nice escape.

    I love the French General stuff. Never heard of them before but now love it. Wish the pincushion wasn’t so heavy though as postage is therefore expensive.

  2. Loved the book! I read it when it came out in hardcover. I’ve also been recommending it to everyone. Since I work in a bookstore that’s a lot of people!

  3. I just love your stitching, love reading your Blog every day and you take beautiful photos too so don’t say anything negative about your photos because I just dearly love them.

    You are making great progress on all of your WIP’s and you sure do beautiful stitching.

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  4. Everybody I know told me to read that book and I kept saying “Yeah yeah yeah, I’ll get to it when I get to it”. When I finally did read it I immediately smacked myself in the head for waiting so long…I thought it ROCKED!

    Confession: Your blog is my morning “treat”, but only if I’ve finished chores. Amazing how much more gets done with the threat of not being able to see what you’re up to!

    Woo Hoo!

  5. I adore that pincushion and tape measurer.

    I adore the book you purchased. I read it a bit ago and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

    Your craft room looks so delightful!! Love the cover you made for your serger. Oh I want to be creative in my own space so desperately.

    The kitty may be naughty, but she sure is precious.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of the book.

    Off to check on those etsy pieces.

  6. Cat is adorable, projects are gorgeous — as usual — lunch looks good and I am glad you are enjoying that book! I read it as a recommendation from my cousin who does reviews and gets books to review from LibraryThing. You might also want to try “The Lace Reader” if you haven’t already. Really good book. I just love visiting your site — so pretty.

  7. Hi Mary Kathryn,
    My sister stayed with me for two weeks and we both enjoyed trawling back through lots of your blog entries :>) You will remember that I bought her one of your pretty little cushions sometime back. She seemed particulary interested in your lunch…haha! We looked at this entry a few times and each time she commented on it!! Can i ask you what it is :>)
    Also, I love the sound of your book and will be looking out for it. I’m in that terrible bookland wilderness of having finished a series of books and now not having a clue what to read!
    Lots of warm wishes Angela

  8. Mary Kathryn,
    It sounds even yummier than it looked if that’s posible. I will pass on the information to my sister, I expect she will pine until she finds a way of replicaing it :>)

    I have to tell you her amazing sandwich making habit. She maintains that because she’s a Geminian she likes change and is easily bored so her sandwiches have to have a different filling in each corner!! Rula calls them battenburg sandwiches …,.haha! I made her sandwiches for the airport while she finalized her packing and I really struggled to think up 8 different combinations. I kept it a surprise and she was really pleased with them – Amazingly, I passed the sandwich test…haha!
    Hugs Angela

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